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Meathead Movers is a different kind of mover, it’s a different kind of company. The Steed brothers, Aaron and Evan, built the Meathead brand taking care of one customer, one employee and one community at : a time. Moving is a physically taxing job, and the movers need time to eat during the day. On a local move, any time the movers spend eating , lunch will be deducted from your hourly bill. As for providing lunch, it is not required, as the movers often bring lunch or will find somewhere to eat along the way. However, water and/or sports drinks for the movers are always a welcome (and appreciated) refreshment! 2420 South Delaware Street, Denver (CO), 80216, United States Ihad anamazing experience using this company. Myboyfriend and Imoved toLAfrom the East Coast and hired Gentlemenrsquo;s Moving Company tounload astorage unit and move itinto our building. From receiving aquote tofinalizing the move everything was seamless. Tara was friendly and very thorough incovering fees and rates aswell asbooking and confirming the move. The movers who helped usmove were very friendly, efficient and skilled. They were able tounload the storage unit, move our furniture inand assemble our bed all in3 hours. IfIever have tomove again Iwill definitely beusing this company!cheapest way to move across the countryIf you gather them all together at your home before relocation, you#8217;ll pack stuff, true, and carry it. But you#8217;ll also have a good time in each other#8217;s company, maybe for the last time ever (in person, that is. Video calls , are a thing these days). You may cook for them (since refrigerators are moved empty), you may take a break to visit , a pub or some other spot where you used to hang and have fun, or just sit and enjoy talking. Or think of some new ideas for decorating and arranging your new home. Who knows #8211; you might think of some great landscaping ideas. You can choose to rent a truck and drive it yourself cross-country. This DIY move will definitely save you thousands of dollars, but you have to be willing to bear the burden of staying alert to drive it and shoulder the cost of gas. Note that trucks usually have low gas mileage, so if you’re moving 2,000 miles, you might need to make several stops to fill up before you get to your destination. It’s a small price to pay, though, for how much you can possibly save.hire someone to load a moving truckldquo;Look for the red flags, such as no physical address or phone number online, or maybe if the price is suspiciously low,rdquo; Michael says. ldquo;And donrsquo;t rely on over-the-phone estimates. Have the movers come to your home or do a virtual home survey if the , movers offer that. Lastly, going through an association is a great way to avoid these scams.rdquo; Yep! Thatrsquo;s what we do. Loading and unloading your moving truck or POD is an underwhelming activity. And not an activity that many friends will volunteer for. Bulky items mdash; the ones that you want to leave for last but know they should be packed firstmdash; are the worst. Itrsquo;s tough to move fast while trying to maximize space and not damage furniture. If you have your own moving truck and equipment, you can arrange for a team of friendly, skilled movers to load and unload your furniture and belongings.

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